Garden arrangement begins at the end of winter with the determination of the trees to be planted, the seeds and seedlings required for them to be planted before the spring months come.

The question everyone has in mind is how to make a garden arrangement, but in fact, the point to start is when it should be done. Because the garden layout  should not be done at the time when the trees are budding and blossoming, on the contrary, it should be done on time before the seasons for blossoming comes. Those who have the garden know, let’s say for the excited candidates who will have the garden for the first time, garden arrangement is not something that is done only once a year.

We basically arrange our garden twice, before the beginnings of summer and winter seasons. Moving the garden before the summer begins, deciding which flower to plant and where to plant. Of course, making the soil ready for this planting process is necessary. Not all garden soil is suitable for all types of flowers. So sometimes it may be necessary to bring soil from other places. The arrangement of the garden at the end of autumn before the winter begins is to prepare our garden for the winter. Many trees shed their leaves before the winter begins, and generally the flowers fade. Plants prepare themselves for the winter, but if you grow plants that are not suitable for the climate, such as palm, in warm and even slightly cold climates, you need to wrap them and make preparations to protect them from the cold throughout the winter.

The first answer to the question of “how to make a garden arrangement” should be to prepare the soil. If you think your garden needs maintenance and arrangement, you will find a solution with our company.