All of the things that were wrinkle up either by each other or by connecting. Top cover of buildings shielded with waterproof materials. We do roof repairs of your broken roofs

Attic: The empty partition between the ceiling and the roof cover.

Roof Mounting: Triangle formed by roof trusses.

Roof Skirt: The eaves, the part of the roof that exceeds the outer walls and protects the walls against rain.

Roof Break: The section formed by the less sloping extension of the sloping levels on the roofs.

Roof Beam (Rafter): The beam on which one end is laid on the bases and the under-tile boards are covered.

Roof Ridge: Straight or curved, protruding line, arising from the lateral intersection of two surfaces in the roof covering.

Roof Truss: Beams that hold sloping surfaces on both sides of the roof and form a triangular shape by joining the upper ends.

Roof Read: A thick beam placed horizontally along the roof over two fathers with roof trusses.